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Sonntag, 26. Juni 2016

Zugspitze: Hey, what's up, bro?

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Zugspitze: Blackbirds

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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Red Right Hand von Mute Records

More info: - gerade entdeckt auf Soundcloud

Joachim Pastor - Wayfaring Stranger feat. Florence Bird (AKA AKA & Thalstroem Remix) PREVIEW von AKA AKA

Release Date: 9.9. on Burlesque Musique! Preorder the vinyl here: Wayfaring Stranger - this American folk song was interpreted by Joachim Pastor from Paris and only 18 years old singer Florence Bird from England. Besides the pushing remix by AKA AKA & Thalstroem and the solo production " Leçon de Vie", there is another collaboration with Florence and AKA AKA on this 4 tracker: "Sandman". All tracks show how melodic and dreamy tunes still can be danceable. Late Summer of love on vinyl! - gerade entdeckt auf Soundcloud

Zugspitze: Between Germany and Austria 🗻

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Zugspitze: Enjoying the view

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Zugspitze: On the top

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Samstag, 25. Juni 2016

#Zugspitze: Blick hinunter zum #Eibsee | Looking down to the lake Eibsee ☁️☁️

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Zugspitze: Über den Wolken | Above the clouds ☁️☁️

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Zugspitze: Blick auf das Karwendel | View of the Karwendel

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Zugspitze: On the top 🌟

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Zugspitze: Mit der Gondel hinauf | Up with the gondola 🚠

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Zugspitze: Blick hinauf | Up the mountain

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Samstag, 18. Juni 2016

Halsey Vs. Ad313 - New Skyfa11 (Mashup By MixmstrStel) von mixmstrstel3

As always, please feel free to LIKE, REPOST, and SHARE this track far and wide as long as you credit me and NOT post this as your own. If you really like my work, please follow me on: SoundCloud: Hearthis.At: Facebook: Twitter: I'm a bit behind on releasing mashup albums right now, but hopefully the next Mastered! issue comes out soon. Yes I know I'm saying that a lot, but work has not made it easy. I'm trying to shoot for a release at the end of this year. That said, here's another idea and track that came to me early this weekend that will make an appearance on the next Mastered! release. Enjoy! SONGS AND SAMPLES USED: Halsey - New Am3ricana (Instrumental) Ad313 - Skyfa11 (DIY Acapella) - gerade entdeckt auf Soundcloud

M̲a̲j̲o̲r̲ ̲L̲a̲z̲e̲r̲ ̲v̲s̲.̲ ̲B̲e̲c̲k̲y̲ ̲G̲ ̲(̲C̲a̲n̲t̲ ̲S̲t̲o̲p̲ ̲L̲e̲a̲n̲i̲n̲ ̲0̲n̲)̲ - Mashup von Happy Cat Disco Archive11

Follow my Primary Channel for the latest Mashups!! M̲a̲s̲h̲u̲p̲ ̲o̲f̲:̲ ̲L̲e̲a̲n̲ ̲o̲n̲ ̲(̲f̲e̲a̲t̲.̲ ̲M̲Ø̲ ̲&̲ ̲D̲J̲ ̲S̲n̲a̲k̲e̲)̲ ̲-̲ ̲M̲a̲j̲o̲r̲_̲L̲a̲z̲e̲r̲ ̲C̲a̲n̲'̲t̲ ̲S̲t̲o̲p̲ ̲D̲a̲n̲c̲i̲n̲'̲ ̲-̲ ̲B̲e̲c̲k̲y̲_̲G̲ - gerade entdeckt auf Soundcloud

CąrIy_Raę_Jȩpsęn vs. Gȩnȩsis & Mądǫnną (I Reąlly Like Invisible Prąyers) - Mashup von Happy Cat Disco Archive43

Follow my Primary Channel for the latest Mashups!! Hearthis: M̶a̶s̶h̶u̶p̶ ̶o̶f̶:̶ B̶e̶g̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶I̶t̶ ̶(̶f̶e̶a̶t̶.̶ ̶M̶Ø̶)̶ ̶-̶ ̶I̶g̶g̶y̶ ̶A̶z̶a̶l̶e̶a̶ F̶a̶n̶c̶y̶ ̶(̶f̶e̶a̶t̶.̶ ̶C̶h̶a̶r̶l̶i̶ ̶X̶C̶X̶)̶ ̶-̶ ̶M̶a̶s̶h̶u̶p̶ ̶o̶f̶:̶ l̶_̶R̶ę̶a̶l̶l̶y̶_̶L̶i̶k̶e̶_̶Y̶o̶u̶ ̶-̶ ̶C̶a̶r̶I̶y̶_̶R̶a̶ę̶_̶J̶e̶p̶s̶ę̶n̶ I̶n̶v̶i̶s̶i̶b̶l̶e̶ ̶T̶o̶u̶c̶h̶-̶G̶ę̶n̶e̶s̶i̶s̶ L̶i̶k̶e̶ ̶a̶ ̶P̶r̶a̶y̶ę̶r̶-̶M̶a̶d̶o̶n̶n̶a̶ - gerade entdeckt auf Soundcloud

Joan Jett vs Crookers ft. Yelle - Cooler Rock'n'Roll (80's rock mashup)DJ Schmolli von mixes and mashups #34

facebook page mashup by Dj schmolli @djschmollimashups - gerade entdeckt auf Soundcloud

Freitag, 10. Juni 2016

Mike Butcherfingers How To hack off Bodyparts with a Horror-Soundtrack von Nerdcoreblog

Tracklist: 1. Herschell Gordon Lewis – Official Warning 2. Herman Stein – Introduction (Tarantula) 3. Pino Donaggio – Main Title (Carrie) 4. Lalo Schifrin – Amityville Love Scene (The Amityville Horror) 5. Carlo Maria Cordio – The Last Game (Absurd) 6. Carlo Maria Cordio – Darkside (The Bite Of Fear) 7. Stelvio Cipriani – Piano Diabolico (Rabid Dogs, Mario Bava, 1974) 8. Basil Rathbone – Alone (Edgar Allan Poe Collection) 9. Don Davis – Dana And Christopher (The Beast) 10. Jerry Goldsmith – The Visitor (Poltergeist II: The Other Side) 11. Tim Krog – Nightmare (Boogeyman) 12. David Storrs – Invaders From Mars (Invaders From Mars, 1986) 13. Herschell Gordon Lewis – Gruesome Twosome Radio Spot 14. Nico Fidenco – Porno Holocaust Seq. 4 (Porno Holocaust, Joe D'Amato Joe, 1981) 15. Rick Wakeman – Doin' It (The Burning) 16. Giorgio Moroder – Night Rabbit (Cat People) 17. Michael Hoenig – Main Title (The Blob, 1988) 18. Jay Chattaway – Stella and the Beast (Silver Bullet) 19. Fabio Frizzi – Verso L'Ignoto (The Beyond) 20. Budy-Maglione – Rudy And Gloria Get Screwed (Cannibal Ferox) 21. Goblin – Tenebre (Tenebre) 22. The Stuff Trailer (1985) 23. Stelvio Cipriani – Un Cadavere Nel Lago (Twitch of the Death Nerve, Bava, 1971) 24. Fabio Frizzi – Face the sea of Darkness (The Beyond) 25. Carlo Maria Cordio – Magnetic Field (Absurd) 26. Budy-Maglione – Jaywalkin' Iguana (Cannibal Ferox) 27. Basil Rathbone – The Raven (Edgar Allen Poe Collection) 28. J. Peter Robinson – Boils/Spiders (The Believers, 1987) 29. Brad Fiedel – Spying (Fright Night) 30. Carlo Maria Cordio – Killing Time (Absurd) 31. Fabio Frizzi – Suoni Dissonanti (City Of The Living Dead) 32. Hermann Kopp – Supper (Nekromantik) 33. Rick Wakeman – The Fire (The Burning) 34. John Carpenter – Prologue from The Fog (The Fog) 35. John Carpenter – Ghost Story (The Fog) 36. John Carpenter – Seagrass Attack (The Fog) 37. Lalo Schifrin – Screams (The Amityville Horror) 38. Carlo Maria Cordio – Transformation 1 (The Bite Of Fear) 39. Michael Kamen – School Days (The Dead Zone) 40. Jay Chattaway – A Little Knife Music (Maniac) 41. Fabio Frizzi – Falling for Emily (The Beyond) 42. Stelvio Cipriani – Una Città deserta (Nightmare City, Umberto Lenzi 1980) 43. Jay Chattaway – Inner Voices (Maniac) 44. J. Peter Robinson – The Exorcism (The Believers) 45. Modern Man – The Dead Walk (Day of the Dead) 46. Harry Sukman – Straker's Place (Salem's Lot) 47. Dana Kaproff – Cool Ants (Empire Of The Ants) 48. Stelvio Cipriani – Ecologia Del Delitto (Twitch of the Death Nerve) 49. Stelvio Cipriani – L'Attesa (Nightmare City, Umberto Lenzi 1980) 50. Franco Micalizzi – The Curse (The Curse) 51. John Carpenter and Alan Howarth – This Is Not A Dream (Prince of Darkness) 52. John Carpenter and Alan Howarth – Cross Bar (Prince of Darkness) 53. John Carpenter and Alan Howarth – Hell Breaks Loose (Prince of Darkness) 54. John Carpenter and Alan Howarth – Halloween Montage (Halloween III: Season of the Witch, Announcer: Tommy Lee Wallace) 55. Carlo Maria Cordio – Transformation 2 (The Bite Of Fear) 56. Claudio Simonetti – Cruel Demon (Demoni) 57. Joseph LoDuca – Bridge Out (Evil Dead) 58. Rick Wakeman – Campfire Story (The Burning) 59. Christopher Young – A New Man's Destiny (Def-Con 4) 60. Meat Beat Manifesto – She's Unreal (Blair Witch Project) 61. The Thing Trailer 62. Joe Renzetti – It's Only A Doll (Child's Play) 63. Howard Shore – Seth And The Fly (The Fly) 64. Herschell Gordon Lewis – Tongue Torn Out 65. Keith Emerson – Inferno (Inferno, Dario Argento, 1980) 66. Gary Scott – Sweet Young Girls (Final Exam, 1981) 67. The Pain Of Being Dead (Return Of The Living Dead) 68. Fabio Frizzi & Rok Opera – Zombie '98 (Cannibal Ferox) 69. Jay Chattaway – Apocalypse New York (Maniac) 70. John Carpenter and Alan Howarth – I Have A Message For You (Prince of Darkness) 71. Van Der Veer's Demise – James Horner (Wolfen) 72. Karl Hardman – Helen's Death (Night Of The Living Dead) 73. Howard Shore – Scanners (Main Title) 74. Scott Valdimir Licina – The Killers Are Eating The Flesh (Night of the living Dead) 75. Fabio Frizzi – Introduzione, Paura, Liberazione (City Of The Living Dead) 76. Trash's Fantasy – (Return Of The Living Dead) 77. Goblin – Ai margini della follia (Dawn of the Dead) 78. Alexander Blonksteiner – Dreadful Night – (Cannibal Apocalypse) 79. Giorgio Moroder – Leopard Tree Dream (Cat people) 80. Bruno Nicolai – Seq. 1. (The Case of the Scorpion's Tail, Sergio Martino, 1971) 81. Manfred Hubler & Siegfried Schwab – The Lions And The Cucumber (Vampyros Lesbos, 1971, Jess Franco) 82. Michael Holm – Liebesthema (Hexen bis auf das Blut gequält, 1970) 83. Riz Ortolani (Cannibal Holocaust) (Cannibal Holocaust) 84. Stelvio Cipriani – Fine Di Una Incubo (Twitch of the Death Nerve, Bava 1971) 85. Nico Fidenco – Porno Holocaust Seq. 9 (Porno Holocaust) 86. Walter Rizzati – Chi sta arrivando? (The House by the Cemetery, Lucio Fulci 1981) 87. Rick Wakeman – Sheer Terror (The Burning) 88. Christopher Young – Ghost Planet (Def-Con 4) 89. Elliot Goldenthal – Sour Grounds (Pet Sematary) 90. Rubini, Jaeger – Sarah's Panic (The Hunger) 91. Marcello Giombini – I morti si Svegliano (Erotic Nights of the Living Dead, Joe D'Amato 1980) 92. Riz Ortolani – Adultress' Punishment (Cannibal Holocaust) 93. Riz Ortolani – Seq. 5 (Don't Torture a Duckling, Lucio Fulci 1972) 94. Fabio Frizzi – Fatti Misteriosi (City Of The Living Dead) 95. Fabio Frizzi – Oltre La Soglia (The Beyond) 96. Stelvio Cipriani – Fantasia Tragica (Death Walks on High Heels, Luciano Ercoli 1971) 97. Pino Donaggio – The Tuxedo Shop (Carrie) 98. Billy Goldenberg – End Game (Duel, Steven Spielberg 1971) 99. Budy-Maglione – Mike Flips Out (Cannibal Ferox) 100. Make Them Die Slowly (Cannibal Ferox) 101. Red River Valley (Cannibal Ferox) 102. John Carpenter and Alan Howarth – Regeneration (Christine) 103. Howard Shore – Scanner Duel (Scanners) 104. Herschell Gordon Lewis – Blood Feast Radio Spot 105. Alexander Blonksteiner – Jane (Cannibal Apocalypse) 106. Ennio Morricone – Emmetrentatre (Short Night of the Glass Dolls, Aldo Lado 1971) 107. Charles Previn – Wolf-Bane (The Wolf Man, 1941) 108. Johan Soderqvist – Eli's Theme (Let the Right One In) 109. Jerry Goldsmith – The Calling (Poltergeist) 110. Michael Kamen – Realisation/Destiny (The Dead Zone) 111. Sante Maria Romitelli – Tessere Di Un Mosaico (Hatchet for the Honeymoon, Mario Bava 1970) 112. Jay Chattaway – Blast Him (Maniac) 113. Ennio Morricone – Magia Mera (A Lizard in a Woman's Skin, Lucio Fulci 1971) 114. Fabio Frizzi – The Dead On Main Street (Cannibal Ferox) 115. Nico Fidenco – Zombie Parade (Zombi Holocaust) 116. Fabio Frizzi – Zombi 2 (Zombie Flesh Eaters) 117. Marcello Giombini – Larry e Fiona (Erotic Nights of the Living Dead, 1980) 118. Stelvio Cipriani – Scotch For Two (Tentacoli) 119. Nico Fidenco – Seq. 11 (Porno Holocaust) 120. Jay Chattaway – Subway Terror (Maniac) 121. Scott Valdimir Licina – This Radio Station Will Remain On The Air (Night of the living Dead) 122. Stelvio Cipriani – Seq. 4 (Voices from Beyond, Lucio Fulci 1991) 123. Manfred Hubler & Siegfried Schwab – Necronomania (Vampyros Lesbos, Jesús Franco 1971) 124. Rick Wakeman – End Title Theme (The Burning) 125. Harry Bromley Davenport – Shreds Of Evidence (Xtro) 126. Goblin – Zombi (Dawn of the Dead) 127. Fabio Frizzi – Seqence 1 (Zombie Flesh Eaters) 128. Frank John Hughes – The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street (The Twilight Zone) 129. James Horner – Wall Street And The Wolves (Wolfen) 130. Christopher Young – Original Intro & Main Title (Invaders From Mars) 131. Goblin – Profondo Rosso (Profondo Rosso) 132. Herschell Gordon Lewis – She-Devils On Wheels Radio Spot 133. Richard Band – Main Title (Re-Animator) 134. Scott Valdimir Licina – Boy, You'll Be Damned To Hell (Night of the living Dead) 135. Fred Myrow & Malcolm Seagrave – Intro and Main Title (Phantasm) 136. Goblin – Suspiria (Celesta And Bells) (Suspiria) 137. Goblin – Suspiria (Suspiria) 138. Libra – Transfert I/Hypnos/Transfert II (Schock) 139. Tomandandy – Forbidden Zone (The Hills Have Eyes, 2006) 140. Stelvio Cipriani – Solitude (Nightmare City, Umberto Lenzi 1980) 141. Krzysztof Komeda feat. Mia Farrow – Main Title (Rosemary's Baby) 142. Francesco De Masi – Fay (The New York Ripper) 143. Bruno Nicolai – Seq. 3 (A Virgin Among the Living Dead, Jesús Franco 1973) 144. Michael Holm – Das Grosse Glück (Hexen bis auf das Blut gequält, 1970) 145. Jay Chattaway – Hookers Heartbeat (Maniac) 146. Ennio Morricone – It Begins… (The Thing) 147. Charles Bernstein – Fountain Of Blood (A Nightmare On Elm Street) 148. Fabio Frizzi – Something Dead (Zombie Flesh Eaters) 149. Fabio Frizzi – Seqence 2 (Zombie Flesh Eaters) 150. Fabio Frizzi – Seqence 8 (Zombie Flesh Eaters) 151. Jay Chattaway – Cemetery Chase (Maniac) 152. Manfred Hubler & Siegfried Schwab – Droge CX 9 (Vampyros Lesbos) 153. Manfred Hubler & Siegfried Schwab – The Message (Vampyros Lesbos) 154. Nico Fidenco – Make Love on the Wing (Zombi Holocaust) 155. Pino Donaggio – Sue's Dream (Carrie) 156. The Go – Blue Eyes Woman (The Hills Have Eyes) - gerade entdeckt auf Soundcloud

Samstag, 4. Juni 2016

Kleines Haus am See ++ A little lake house 🏠🚤

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Starnberger See ++ Lake Starnberg ⛵️

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John Lennon vs Matisyahu vs Blink 182, Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Somebody to lean on (Mashup-Germany) von mixes and mashups #33

facebook page mashup by mashup-germany John Lennon vs Matisyahu vs Blink 182, Bill Whiters & Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Somebody to lean on (Mashup-Germany) - gerade entdeckt auf Soundcloud

Nirvana vs Cameo - Word Up As You Are (80's mashup) by MashmyAs$ von mixes and mashups #33

facebook page mashup by MashmyAs$ - gerade entdeckt auf Soundcloud

System of a down vs Blink 182, Fifth Harmony, Metallica - The Rock Harmony (mashup-germany) von mixes and mashups #33

facebook page mashup by mashup-germany Fifth Harmony - Miss Movin on System of a down - Hypnotize Awolnation - Sail Avicii - Fade into Darkness Robyn - Dancing on my own Blink 182 - What's my age again Metallica - Nothing else matters Queen - We will rock you - gerade entdeckt auf Soundcloud

Michael Jackson vs Santogold - Shove It Beat It (Kill_mR_DJ) von mixes and mashups #33

facebook page mashup by @killmrdj2 @killmrdj2 - gerade entdeckt auf Soundcloud

Snap vs Eurythmics, Spice Girls, Bob Sinclair - Rhythm Is A Mashup (80's mashup)by Robin Skouteris von mixes and mashups #34

facebook page mashup by Robin Skouteris this is part of the mashup album "Mash of The Titans 5" compiled by Panos T Download=> Snap - Rhythm Is A Dancer Snap - Rhythm Is A Dancer (Aylen Trap Mix) Bastille - Of The Night Spice Girls - Wannabe C&C Music Factory - Gonna Make You Sweat Bob Sinclair - Rock This Party (Slashlove Showtime Remix) Cascada - Evacuate The Dance Floor David Bowie - Let's Dance Jennifer Lopez - Booty Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams - gerade entdeckt auf Soundcloud